Datatool - DiGi Digital Gear Indicator


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Product Description

Datatool – DiGi Digital Gear Indicator

The Datatool DiGI digital gear indicator is a quick and easy solution to searching through your gears

The Digital Gear Indicator is easy to fit and fully re-programmable if you need to switch machines

The Gear Indicator also automatically dims in low light or night time situations

Intelligent indicator warning system

Instant digital indication of gear in use

Indicates up to 8 ratios (Can be programmed with up to 8 gears)

Aids performance and economy

Gives added control and safety

Auto dim for night use

No glare in poor light

Simple and effective design

Easy self-install

Suitable for most machines equipped with electronic Speedo and Rev Counter

Re-programmable for instances of wheel or sprocket change sizes

Auto dimming to minimise glare in dim light but maximise display when bright

Re-programmable at any time to suit your changing requirements

Kit Contents:

1 x DiGI Digital Gear Change Indicator Unit

1 x Fitting Kit

1 x Fitting and operating instructions