Digitek – Power Gauge


Product Description

Digitek – Power Gauge

Here at Digitek Moto Technics we understand that a low or flat battery, faulty rectifier, or a defective charging system is not always easy to identify. As well as being frustrating, this problem can also affect your riding pleasure.
Using the secure adhesive pad provided, POWER GAUGE can be positioned anywhere on your bike either easily visible, or out of sight under the seat for owner-only inspection.

POWER GAUGE works with the ignition ON or OFF to provide instant indication of battery power status, and the charging indicator provides the motorcycle rider with immediate information on the condition of the charging system, and whether it is working correctly or not.
If you’ve fitted extras such as an alarm, extra lights or heated grips, POWER GAUGE will let you know if the charging system is coping with the extra load. Fit POWER GAUGE to help keep your battery in peak condition – at 12.5 volts, your battery is only at 75% charge.

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