Honda - Honda Racing Fuel Filler Cover for 5 Bolt



Product Description

Honda – Honda Racing Fuel Filler Cover for 5 Bolt

Adhesive backed Fuel Filler Cover

Designed to protect your tank from knocks and rubbing caused by contact between clothing and the paintwork

Designed for ease of fitting to the contours of your fuel filler cover – 5 Bolt Design

Removable film guide on top of pad

Carbon Fibre Look

Installation best practice:

Thoroughly clean the area where the tank pad will be attached (Isopropyl Alcohol works well as it evaporates quickly after use)

Attach the tank pad according to your preference (Make sure the pad is centrally positioned as application whilst on side stand can  cause a misalignment)

Use the film guide and backing on pad to position before removing both layers

Heat the bonding surfaces with a hair dryer if the ambient air temperature is below 21ºc

The adhesive reaches full strength in 72 hours

Most manufacturers recommend waiting 48 hours after install before riding your motorcycle