Nexx X-G10 Carbon SV Helmet


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Product Description

Nexx X-G10 Carbon SV Helmet 

X-Matrix 2 new formula combines advanced multi-direction lay-up and first quality composite materials through six different layers that ensure optimized impact and penetration performance for speed events, compared with any common fiber

This enables us to create an ultralight shell that is tougher, stiffer and stronger but most importantly: provides an impressive high-energy impact management, for a world class protection

The masterly designed interior is both stylish and simplistic and the pinnacle of the X.G10 comfort

The X-Mart Dry technology brings a soft touch and a clever cooling system featuring a drying rate, twice as fast as normal cotton and gives extra insulation on colder days

All the interior pieces are fully removable and washable, anti-sweat and anti-allergic

All the X.Garage collection comes with the double D-ring closure retention strap system simple, and reliable

X.G10 comes in 3 Shell sizes to combine more compact dimensions for outstanding fit and Comfort


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