Resurgence Warrior Lite Jeans – Grey

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Product Description

Resurgence Warrior Lite Jeans – Grey


A new and improved Warrior jean! Greater PEKEV® Lite coverage, now including D3O® IP Ghost armour, CE Certified and in two new colours for the 2022 season.


– 80% PEKEV® Lite fabric coverage

– Wicking mesh lining

– ProModal® denim with anti bacterial agent, climate regulator and softening agent

– Slim leg, Levi 511 esque fit

– Height adjustable knee armour pockets

– Includes D3O®’s revolutionary IP Ghost CE Level 1 armour at the knee and hips, 5mm thin for comfort and discretion with complete impact protection

– YKK zip

– Built in stretch

– CE EN17092 rating – AA


Introducing the latest fabric utilized by Resurgence Gear, is PEKEV® Lite. As the perfect alternative to aramid, PEKEV® Lite jeans have been designed to be the world’s best lightweight protection offering both strength and comfort to the rider.

Ensuring that impact, abrasion, and motion cut resistance are maintained, the creators have managed to combine strength with a lightweight product. Along with safety, the style of the motorcycle clothing remains a key factor, ensuring that the tailoring is to the highest standard for an excellent fit.

With PEKEV® Lite, technology, comfort and style have been fused together.


– Lighter and thinner than standard PEKEV®

– CE Level 1 abrasion test result of 5.21 seconds

– Inner comfort wicking mesh

– Dual layer and cross stitching for exceptional strength

– Up to 20 times more lifespan compared to other brands

– Durable against bleach, UV, heat dispersion, moisture, detergents, and ionic enzyme washing


– Unlike aramid fabric which degrades quickly PEKEV® is strong against:

– Ionic enzyme washing. In 90% of cases aramid fibres are treated with ionic enzymes when washing denim, so performance is affected right from the point of manufacturing. Aramids are sensitive to acids. PEKEV® is unaffected.

– Bleach. Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) treatment completely destroys the strength of aramid fabrics. PEKEV® remains unaffected.

– Ultra violet . In strong sunlight, or a high UV environment, aramid fibres degrade and life cycle is reduced. With PEKEV® there is no degredation and the fibres are unaffected.

– Moisture. Aramid strength is affected by moisture and washing. PEKEV® is again not affected.

– Detergents. Superior chemical resistance means that the performance of PEKEV® is unaffected by these.

– Heat dispersion. Most aramid fabrics retain heat and do not breathe PEKEV® disperses body heat and is breathable, so keeps you cool comfortable and able to focus even on long runs on sunny days.

– D3O® uses patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties.

– Ghost is the thinnest and most flexible limb protector range from D3O®.

– Designed as fit and forget armour for use in motorsports and mountain bike, D3O® Ghost is made with the revolutionary new Impact Print technology which allows for unrivalled freeform geometry and flexibility.