Shoei X-Spirit 3 Helmet - Kagayama Limited Edition


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Product Description

Shoei X-Spirit 3 Helmet – Kagayama Limited Edition

The X-Spirit III has a 6-layer AIM+ outer shell design for optimal impact absorption

Visor: clear, with Pinlock anti-fog visor insert and ready for tear-offs

The excellent cushioning is achieved with the innovative lining, which incorporates various EPS elements

Replaceable and Washable interior lining

Optimal air circulation is achieved with three forehead and chin inlets plus four rear outlets, which together create a suction effect that effectively draws hot, stale air out of the helmet as you ride

Adjustable interior for optimised fit

Spoilers and turbulators for improved aerodynamics

Double D helmet strap retention mechanism

As with previous models, the X-Spirit 3 uses Shoei’s EQRS system allowing the cheek pads to be removed easily in the event of a crash

Weight: approx. 1,260 g

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