D3O CE Level 2 – Hip Armour



Product Description

D3O CE Level 2 – Hip Armour

– D3O manufactures a unique patented technology used to produce a premium shock absorbing material using enhanced
chemistry and product engineering.

– The result is a low proile, flexible, comfortable and lightweight armour without compromising on protection against
impact. D3O’s high performing protective material is used in a wide range of markets including motorcycle, sport,
electronics, footwear and PPE.

– A new partnership between D3O and Richa, has resulted in the introduction of a full D3O protector kit (Level 1)
in almost all new jackets and trousers of the 2014 Richa Collection.

– Being market leader in motorcycle protection, D3O and Richa were meant to be a perfect match. Our mutual  dedication
to find the ideal safety-comfort balance, evolved in the most promising Richa Collection ever.

– All new jackets and pants which carry the D3O icon on their product page, are fully equipped with a D3O protector kit:
a central back protector, shoulder and elbow sets for the jackets, and D3O knee protectors for the trousers.Read Less

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