Interphone Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Holder – Tubular/Bar Mount

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Product Description

Interphone Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Holder – Tubular/Bar Mount

Travel proof smartphone case

With Pro Case for Galaxy S8, you can get all weather conditions, thanks to IPX4 level waterproofing!

Slidelock sliding latches allow the smartphone to be quickly positioned and locked inside the case quickly, even when wearing gloves.

The Pro Case case allows the smartphone to be recharged on board the bike, as well as the use of the touch screen and the camera without disconnecting the device from the support

The internal silicone prevents the impact of the smartphone and the safety straps secure it firmly to the handlebar

The freedom to stay in contact is represented by a line of dedicated supports to bring the smartphone into the saddle, in complete safety.

Case and brackets meet a variety of needs, aesthetic, practical and protection-related.

Ease of use and technology come together in solutions allowing everyone to find the right product for their device

This dedicated holder allows you to attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your motorbike and guarantee maximum protection for your phone from bumps, falls and the weather throughout your journey

The support bracket with safety closure can be rotated 360° to find the best position for your phone

Water-resistant (ipx4), snow, shock, drops

Inner anti-shock and silicon structure

Allows use of devices touchscreen whilst in the case

Port built in to allow the possibility to charge the device during use

For tubular handle bars 16mm to 30mm diameter

Compatible with Samsung S8

Allows for usage of rear facing camera

Tubular mounting bracket included

Safety band included

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