Oxford Hotgrips Essential Commuter – Heated Grips


Product Description

Oxford Hotgrips Essential Commuter – Heated Grips

These Hotgrips™ have been designed specifically for motorcycles/Scooters which have smaller batteries and less powerful charging systems. Therefore they draw less current than other Hotgrips™ such as those in the Oxford Premium Range

Yet for the motorcycle rider who is commuting to work, the High setting will provide warmth and comfort in the harshest Winter conditions and on the Low setting it will provide comfort on cooler/wetter Summer days too

These grips will fit most 22mm handlebars

Moulded wiring arrangement is both durable and discreet

1-Piece moulded construction ensures unrivalled performance and reliability

Double bonded and sealed for life

Grip design (126mm/114mm) fits the vast majority of bikes, but can be cut down to size if needed

Handlebar mounted rainproof switch includes a High and Low setting

Draws under 3.2A

Soft, ultra-grippy rubber provides comfort and feedback



2 x Commuter Hotgrips™

1 x 2 way switch with Hi/Low function

1 x Universal bracket for switch

1 x Wiring loom, cable ties and grip glue

1 x Instruction booklet and warranty form