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Oxford HotGrips Pro – Touring

Oxford HotGrips Pro – Touring – How to Fit

Oxford HotGrips Pro – Touring

Vibration absorbing tread, which is ideal for comfortable long distance cruising.

HotGrips® Pro are the latest addition to the HotGrips® range. Now with an integrated controller to improve usability and maintain a minimal design on your bike.

These all-new HotGrips® now feature thermistor technology in each grip, which allows them to heat up faster and then automatically regulates the exact surface temperature in accordance with the temperature that you set on the new integrated controller.

The built-in controller allows the rider to effortlessly control the temperature of their HotGrips® without removing their hand from the grip.

The latest evolution of Oxford’s vast HotGrips® range is a fully integrated heated grip, which comes in 3 brand new grip patterns.

On a very practical level, these are our first fully silicone grips; this incredible material increases their lifespan by up to 200% without compromising comfort or performance, as well as reducing cable strain and increasing grip levels.

Moreover, there is also no separate switchgear to find space for and install, because each grip houses its own internal temperature control unit, operated by a power/temperature button with an LED light on the clutch-side grip.

To select a heat setting, simply press the button repeatedly until the LED displays the colour which corresponds to your choice: Red = 45˚C; White = 40 ˚C; Blue = 35˚C. The LED will automatically dim to reduce distraction when riding at night.

On a more technical level, the intelligent controller will independently measure and control the temperature of each grip using inbuilt thermistors to maintain the desired temperature setting.

Whatever temperature is chosen, the controller will supply maximum power until each grip has reached this temperature. Once reached, the controller will only top up as and when required to maintain this set temperature, making the grips easier to use and more energy efficient.

Here’s an everyday example of how independently temperature-controlled grips will make your riding more comfortable…

If you need to remove one hand while riding for any reason, the automatic temperature control will counteract the effect of windchill by sending power immediately to the affected grip. When you return your hand to the grip, rather than needing to warm back up, it will be just as warm as it was before.

HotGrips® Pro also have 2 Battery Saving Modes: a lead-acid mode and a lithium mode. Both read and monitor the motorcycle’s battery and will shut off automatically at the set voltage levels to protect the battery from draining.

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