Yoshimura Carbon Stainless RS4 Slip On – CRF300L/Rally 21>


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Yoshimura Carbon Stainless RS4 Slip On – CRF300L/Rally 21>

Introducing the RS-4 for 2021 Honda CRF300L and Rally dual-sport motorcycles.

One of the fastest growing segments of the motorcycle market is the Dual Sport segment and Yoshimura love the smaller bore dual sport bikes as they are an entry level to get more riders into the sport.

Yoshimura stepped up to the plate and developed the RS-4 slip-on and full system for the all-new Honda CRF300L and Rally edition, and the results were fantastic! The slip-on provides 14.2% more max power on the bottom end of the spectrum paired with equal top end power to the stock unit. The full system gives the new CRF 5.9% max HP while improving the power across the entire spectrum enabling the 286cc engine to optimise performance while saving significant weight.

The sound of the RS-4 is unmistakable, on idle and under load the exhaust note is music to the ears.

Race Series Exhaust System

If you’re looking for that competitive edge, look no further than Yoshimura’s – . These exhaust systems are designed with nothing but power in mind. Each – system is developed in accordance with noise compliance regulations imposed by most race sanctioning bodies worldwide.