Yoshimura RS9T Full System Matt Carbon – MSX125 GROM 21-24


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Yoshimura RS9T Full System Matt Carbon – MSX125 GROM 21-24

It’s here – the third generation Honda Grom. Back in 2013, Yoshimura couldn’t wait for the original Grom model to arrive and the newest version has us with equal anticipation.

New Yoshimura Work Edition takes on a unique colouring after it goes through a heat cycle on the motorcycle that looks much like those titanium works components Yoshimura’s factory racers use.

  • Contemporary Satin/matte finish
  • Uniform heat colouration
  • Increased fatigue strength
  • Increased scratch and stain resistance

With more compression, a 5 speed gearbox and new styling, the latest generation Grom promises even more fun both on the street and at the racetrack…Yoshimura is ready.All Street Series systems are Slip-on / Bolt-on applications that do not require tampering with the vehicle’s emissions control system, yet still deliver that special spirit the world has come to expect from the legendary company known as Yoshimura. Street Series applications cover all of the iconic profiles that Yoshimura has become famous for. From the legendary tri-oval profiles to the refined ALPHA silencers, and even Yoshimura’s R-55 angular masterpieces. Yoshimura’s Street Series exhaust offer street-legal options for almost everything on two wheels.

If you’re looking for that competitive edge, look no further than Yoshimura’s – . These exhaust systems are designed with nothing but power in mind. Each – system is developed in accordance with noise compliance regulations imposed by most racing sanctioning bodies worldwide.

For styling, power and clearance Yoshimura developed Yoshimura’s renowned RS-9T to perform on the third gen Grom … and the results are incredible. The new Grom responded like a champ. The Street Series Work Edition slip-on increases performance 11.1% max HP and 11.9% max torque! YEAH BABY!

Want more? The Yoshimura – RS-9T full system adds a staggering 13.9% max HP increase and 14.3% increase in max torque. With performance like that it’s safe to say the RS-9T will be on top of the track day podiums around the globe!

Yoshimura didn’t stop there, and designed Yoshimura’s RS-9T to offer more ground clearance and lean angle than the previous gen model. For the cherry on top Yoshimura added a matte carbon fibre end cap and heat shield – Now your new Grom will love you forever!

About Yoshimura

Started by Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura way back in 1954, the company is still under family ownership and Yoshimura has evolved into one of the world’s largest motorcycle aftermarket performance companies.

Having R&D and manufacturing facilities in both Japan and the USA, Yoshimura have been involved with racing at the highest level, all over the world, for nearly six decades! That level of experience is unrivalled and shows through in the innovation and quality of their products.

Yoshimura bring the skills, knowledge, and passion of racing into everything they make or do, whether it be CNC machined hard parts, exhaust full systems or slip-ons, tuning parts or a full engine build.

In addition to exhausts for which Yoshimura are rightly renowned, Yoshimura produce a large range of accessories and tuning parts: